Mail Run Stages


Mail Run Stage One (click to see map) - Looped trail, Umiti Pit towards Ahbau Lake, Bellos Lake, return to Umiti Pit. TOTAL DISTANCE 19 miles (30 kilometres). Start/Staging area is on the Umiti Pit (1700) Road, north of the Cottonwood River off of Highway 97. For anyone that does not want to go the full distance we will have a turn around option.

The route follows the well-established Umiti-Ahbau Lake trail to the approximate 8 mile (12 km) mark where teams will be directed onto a loop running on unused logging roads, around Bellos Lake and then eventually back on to the outgoing trail at the 3 km mark and follow the outgoing trail in reverse, returning to the start area.

Mail Run Stage Two (click to see map)Looped Trail leaving from Troll Resort up Pinegrove Mountain towards Hyde Lake. TOTAL DISTANCE 12 miles (20 kilometres). Start/Staging area is at Troll Resort on Highway 26. For anyone that does not want to go the full distance we will have a turn around option.

The trail begins with a steep climb up Pinegrove Mountain and the trail passes Hyde Lake and heads toward the 3500 Road with a loop and then back to Troll Resort. The trail is very wide for ease with head-on passing.

Mail Run Stage Three - map will be provided at Mushers' meeting – Looped trail leaving from the Main Parking Lot at Barkerville Heritage Town. TOTAL DISTANCE 12-15 miles (20-25 kilometres). Participants will leave from the staging area in the main parking lot at Barkerville. For anyone that does not want to go the full distance we will have a turn around option.

This trail runs to Bowron Lake Rd., then follows the Sugar Creek Trail. There will be a turn around loop and return to Barkerville. Participans will go along the back side of Barkerville, turn down main street to the Barkerville Post Office, where mail bags will be handed over to the official Post Office personnel.

Barkerville Dash - Start will be in the Barkerville parking lot. There will be a short route (3 km) to the Bowron Lake Road and back through Barkerville. The longer route (10 km) will go to One Mile Bridge and back through Barkerville. Participants can chose which route they want to run. The “Dash” is open to dog mushers, skijorers, skiers, runners, kicksledders, bicycles, snowshoers or any other mode of transportation. Dog Teams are not to exceed 6 dogs. Each participant must bring a prize. Prizes will be picked according to placements for the short and long routes. This year there will be a draw prize for all registered Dash participants. It is a “sur-prize” with a $200.00  value. Must be present at the Wind-Up to win.

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maps for Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3.

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