Mail Run Stages


Mail Run Stage One (click to see map) - Looped trail, Umiti Pit towards Ahbau Lake, Bellos Lake, return to Umiti Pit. TOTAL DISTANCE 20 miles (33 kilometres). Start/Staging area is on the Umiti Pit (1700) Road, north of the Cottonwood River off of Highway 97.

This section of the trail will avoid any active logging that may be taking place in the area (1700 Road). The route follows the well-established Umiti-Ahbau Lake trail to the approximate 8 mile (12 km) mark where teams will be directed onto a loop running on unused logging roads, around Bellos Lake and then eventually back on to the outgoing trail at the 3 km mark of the outgoing trail. All participants will then follow the outgoing trail in reverse, returning to the start area.

Each participant will be assigned a start time (starting order), which will be the procedure for all three days of the Mail Run. There should be no head on passing on any of the trails.

Mail Run Stage Two (click to see map) Looped Trail leaving from Troll Resort up Pinegrove Mountain towards Hyde Lake. TOTAL DISTANCE 15 miles (25 kilometres). Start/Staging area is at Troll Resort on Highway 26.

The trail begins with a steep climb up Pinegrove Mountain and the trail passes Hyde Lake and heads toward the 3500 Road. This is a looped trail, the loop is large enough to ensure that there will be no head-on passing, the trail will head back towards Troll, connecting with the outgoing trail. The total distance will be 15 miles or 25 kilometres. The trail distance for Day Two is shorter than Days 1 and 3, to accommodate the Musher’s Sports that will be taking place during the mid afternoon at the ski resort and to allow time to care for dogs and to socialize in the lodge before the start of the evening banquet.

Mail Run Stage Three (click to see map) – Looped trail leaving from the Main Parking Lot at Barkerville Heritage Town. TOTAL DISTANCE 20 miles (33 kilometres). Participants will leave from the staging area in the main parking lot at Barkerville.

This trail runs along the airstrip and through the meadow towards Wells parallel to the highway. It then loops around what is known as the Coronado Loop before re-entering the meadow and heading back towards Barkerville. The route will run adjacent to the parking lot of the Jack ‘O Clubs General Store in Wells where each Mail Run participant will be recorded with their time leaving that spot. This is the start of their Barkerville Dash and the “race” will be on. When participants arrive in front of the Barkerville Post Office, their arrival time will be recorded and their time for travelling the route from Wells to Barkerville will be calculated. These times will determine the order in which participants will draw for the donated Barkerville Dash prizes. For those Mail Run participants who will be participating in the Barkerville Dash only, they will be able to begin their run after 12:00 p.m. as directed by the Dash official at the parking lot. Remember, every participant must carry a “Stake My Claim” form with their start time written on to it.

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maps for Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3.

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