Participation Awards

For 2017, the Mail Run is a non-competitive participation event and all registered On Trail Mail Run participants will receive a 2017 mug, Mail Run envelope, Gold Rush Trail patch and event certificates.

Those registered who participate in the Barkerville Dash will receive a “Stake My Claim” certificate, a patch and their pick of a prize from the Barkerville Dash prize table.

Those registered Mail Run and Barkerville Dash participants aged 16 and under who are therefore eligible to receive the Holger Bauer Award will have their names engraved on the perpetual plaque and will also receive an individual prize.

There are two types of volunteers and both participate in the Mail Run in their own way.  Lead Dog Volunteers are those who have participated in the ongoing organization of the Mail Run while the Team Dog Volunteers help out during one or more days during the Mail Run.   The Lead Dog Volunteers  will receive a 2017 mug, envelope, a commemorative patch and a certificate. Team Dog Volunteers will receive a commemorative patch and certificate.

All registered On Trail participants and all volunteers will receive complimentary food at Umiti Pit and the Barkerville concession stands.

updated Dec. 22, 2016
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