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Gold Rush Trail Sled Dog

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What is the Mail Run all about?

2015 MAIL RUN 23RD ANNUAL JAN. 22 - 25

Celebrate Winter with the 2015 MAIL RUN!

The theme of the 2015 Mail Run is "Celebrate Winter"...sunny days and cool temperatures, deep soft snow.  For dog mushers it's the sound of the dogs breath and the woosh of sled runners as they glide over a well packed trail.  A large warming bonfire or a flaming Cariboo heater made from a single large dry log.  Snowshoeing, cross country skiing, skijoring with the family dog, snowmobiling, tobogganing.  Downhill skiing at Troll Ski Resort, the hilarity of the Musher's Sports contest featuring traditional outdoor skills like fire lighting, tea boiling bannock making and moose calling.  The opportunity to soak in the rich Gold Rush, Fur Trade and First Nations history in the heart of the Cariboo Goldfields, relaxing in the warmth of a log lodge and a chance to visit and laugh with friends.

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